Panorama is an "augmented reality" application. You see more and you know more.

Are you at the top of the mountain and looking around the surrounding hills, parks and villages?
Are you among the hills somewhere in the valley and want to get to know the surrounding mountains better?
Are you in town on lookout tower?
Then this app is designed for you. Panorama is an "augmented reality" application (pAnoRama).
Shows your surroundings directly to the camera screen. You can see real objects with the information provided.

Clicking on the lower point of the object will show you more detailed information: position, height, distance, azimuth.
You can fit objects based on type and distance from to.
You can share a picture or save it for later use.
The screen can be tilted and the controls adjusted.
You can turn off the onclomometer, compass, and artificial horizon.
For a specific type of landscape, you can choose from three different graphic diagrams of the element description.
You can darken the whole scene in order to highlight the object descriptions.
The application in Idle mode works offline and does not require any other data.

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