Entering the position of the site, you can use your finger or by inputting the coordinates or using suggestions. XC Pro contains a database of several tens of thousands of cities, airports and areas used for free flying and other features. To clarify the position, it is possible to use a different type of map, such as terrain. You can use a blue site icon to specify a location based on the current location. Note: If the site is selected by a whitelist, the corresponding location type will be added as an icon. If you subsequently edit your location, the "type" icon will be replaced by the "question mark"
Location Type - Zones Flying City and Airport
Naming a location. Whisperer, enter 3 characters. The icon shows the type of location is.
You can place the position manually or by moving your finger on the map or by holding a point on the map or by using a whisper.
Show notification form
Activate Notification
Use the current position in coordinates
Save Changes
Location of the site on the map.