Entering position location, you can use your finger or by inputting the coordinates or using auto-complete.

XC Pro contains a database of tens of thousands of cities, airports and zones used for free flying.
Free version includes only areas for free flying and does not contain notification.

To clarify the position it is possible to use a different type of map, such as terrain.
To enter locations according to the current position, you can use the blue icon locations.

Note: when selecting locations Suggest for the complete corresponding type of locality as an icon. If you then modify the position, will be exchanged for the type of question mark icon.
Type location - Flying zone, City and Airport(XC Pro)
Naming the location
The position can be entered manually or by sliding your finger across the map or hold a point on the map or use search suggestions.
Show notification form (XC Pro)
Activate "Notification" (XC Pro)
Use your current location
Save changes
Location on the map
Suggest, enter 3 characters. The icon shows the type of location.