Notification (XC Pro) is a warning in the top bar of the weather match device according to a predefined pattern.

Match is expressed in percent, ranked by relevance, and shows the first 6 best. When you touch the notification line, you see the specific day and location that is displayed in the notification.

The notification calculation currently takes into account several variables and searches between sunrise and sunset.

An ideal 100% match can be reached for the longest longest day.

The notification is calculated after all new data have been downloaded.

Defining the pattern is done in the location form.

To distinguish two or more identical weather conditions for the same terrain (for example, the terrain may be suitable for both triangles and free flights in different directions), it is recommended to create more identical locations and distinguish them by name. For example: Early FAI, Early SS, Early JV, etc.

The degree of agreement is also expressed by a graphically orange rectangle in bottom navigation with days. All match ratios are displayed here.

If the notification is turned on (switching on and off is done in the location form), you can see the second icon in the location list.

Time of the last the creation of notification.
Deleting notification. Notification will be created again when you load all locations from the server
(The specific line with the notification can be clicked to open the site and on the correct day)