Humidity profile shows dependence of relative humidity and dew point temperature on height and time. Height above ground is displayed according to the selected scale, in the range of 2.5 km, 4 km, 8.12 km.

You can shift the level line by holding it with your finger and sliding for a quick overview of relative humidity at a certain level for the entire day range.
Dew point temperature is then shown at the bottom right next to the "drop" icon.

Information about CCH, cloudiness and rising currents is reflected on this screen.

Graphic range is designed to be easy to discern gave dry air on the other hand the probability of fog or cloud.
Very dry air is colored in shades of blue and yellow. The air is unlikely to enable the formation of convective clouds and thermals are not likely to be too homogeneous.

Red color indicates the possibility of the convective clouds in the event that the air will be delivered to the condensation height.
Dark red to brown in color, then suggest an existing or potential convective clouds fog clouds or mists large. Everything depends on the temperature gradient.
The selected page "Profile humidity" Relative humidity. [%] Dew point. [C]
Humidity for the height and time
Scale of rel. humidity [0..100%]
Relative humidity of surface [%]