It shows the dependence of air temperature on altitude and time.

Height above ground is displayed according to the selected scale, in the range of 2.5 km, 4 km, 8.12 km.

You can shift the level line by holding it with your finger and sliding for a quick overview of wind intensity at a certain level for the entire day range.

Information about CCL, cloudiness and rising currents is reflected on this screen.

Graphic range is designed in such a way that the transition between positive and negative temperatures is easily recognizable.

Positive temperature is displayed in shades of red, yellow and green.
Negative temperature is displayed in shades of blue to white.

Color scheme indicates whether thermal stratification will enable formation of an unstable environment, or, conversely, there will be no mixing of air masses and at what height.
The selected page "Profile temperature" [°C]
Scale of temperature [-50..35°C]
The temperature of surface [°C]